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Implemented projects on the Creatio platform (Terrasoft) for clients:

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Sanatel honored with "New Market Development" award from Terrasoft
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Successful implementation of the largest project on the Creatio platform in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan - JSC "Housing Construction Savings Bank" Otbasy Bank ""
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Sanatel is a member of the Association of IT Companies of Kazakhstan


Expertise and experience

We have experience and expertise in the implementation of the Creatio platform (Terrasoft) since 2010

During this time, we have implemented projects to automate various areas of activity. We have experience in implementing, updating various versions of software products based on the Creatio platform (Terrasoft). Thanks to the accumulated knowledge, we will always be able to offer the Customer the best option for implementing business tasks on the Creatio platform (Terrasoft)

A complex approach

We adhere to an integrated approach to the implementation of software improvements – from analysis and optimization to final testing and delivery of results to the customer. We also develop user instructions and provide training for the Customer’s employees.

Flexibility and responsibility

We are responsible for the implementation of work on the implementation, refinement of software products. At the same time, we understand that in the process of automating business tasks, it may be necessary to adjust, make changes to previously set tasks and approved business processes. The main end goal for us is to create the necessary functionality for business users.

Fixed cost and terms

All terms of improvements and cost are determined at the planning stage. Only after agreement with the Customer, we start implementation.

CRM projects for clients

We treat the fulfillment of our obligations with the utmost responsibility, cherishing our reputation.

Below is a list of companies that have used our software delivery and/or system setup services.



A project to set up the Creatio platform (Terrasoft) may require significant resources and time. To minimize its risks and guarantee successful completion, it is recommended to break the project into the following interrelated stages according to the PRINCE2 methodology: diagnostics, analysis, configuration, deployment and trial operation.


User training is aimed at improving the efficiency of using the system: expanding knowledge about functionality, and customizing the workspace to suit your preferences. Training is possible in several ways: Self-study followed by passing tests; for this, detailed documentation for the system and video courses are available in the Terrasoft Academy, as well as the possibility of testing. Training of the Customer’s employees by Sanatel Consulting specialists is carried out both in person, by visiting a specialist at the client’s office, and remotely (Skype, TeamViewer, etc.).


We offer our clients support services for information systems based on the Creatio (Terrasoft) platform in accordance with SLA and the best world practices in this area. The purpose of the support services provided is to ensure uninterrupted and most efficient use of the system based on Creatio (Terrasoft) Within the framework of support, both consultations of key users of the system and the performance of various operations and settings can be carried out, which greatly simplifies the successful daily use of all platform features and standard functionality .


Sanatel iChat

The Sanatel iChat solution is created and maintained by a Kazakh team of developers using a modern and reliable technology stack: Kubernetes, Node.js, C#. The solution is registered with RSE NIIS as an intellectual property object.

The Sanatel iChat application provides the ability to chat with users in various instant messengers and social networks, in a single operator interface, with chat history saved in the client card. The application also allows you to organize a chat bot based on rules (Rule based). The business process (the script of the chatbot) is built in the regular business process designer of the Creatio platform. Sanatel iChat’s own process designer can be used to build a process.

Section Chats

All correspondence with clients is stored in the “Chats” section.

The iChat app allocates new chats to the least loaded operators who are in the Ready status. The chats assigned to the operator are reflected in his right communication panel. Mini cards in the right panel are sorted by the time of the last messages, the red indicator shows the number of unread messages.

Support for all messengers

The application supports integration with all common instant messengers and social networks, including WhatsApp (via Infobip).

Including supported widget for the site.

Sanatel WFM for Creatio

Sanatel Workforce Management for Creatio automates the task of scheduling contact center agent shifts for the coming week. The solution allows you to schedule operator shifts and check the load of operators against historical call volumes.

Possibilities: Drawing up and printing of the schedule of the schedule of work of operators. Checking the load on the operators of the coming week in terms of the volume of historical data. Calculation of hours in which an insufficient number of agents are assigned. Notify operators of shift assignments. The application can be installed from Creatio Marketplace.

Work schedules section

The “Work Schedules” section contains work schedules (shifts) for the week. The name of each week is in the format “Week YYYY-NN”, where YYYY is the year and NN is the ordinal number of the week in that year. It is supported to create a schedule for the next week based on the previous one, using COPY WEEK, while all shifts from the copied week will be copied to the created schedule.

Operator change section

The weekly schedule contains seven details for each day of the week, in which you need to specify operator shifts. Supports 5 or 6 day week.

The work schedule consists of shifts for all days of the planned week.

The completed chart can be displayed in Excel in the format: rows – operators, columns – days of the week.

Load calculation

On the LOAD CALCULATION tab, the application calculates the number of agents missing (or exceeding) by hour on each day of the given week, calculated from historical data, compared to the target load value.

The load calculation logic can be checked against the Load Calculation printable in the PRINT menu.



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